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Nokia considering adopting Android on their phones

BGR brings the news of a job opening at Nokia related to software and hardware Linux drivers development. Since Android runs on a Linux kernel, seems that Nokia might be considering changing lanes at some point.

Well, what option do they have, reallly? Sticking with Windows Phone and it’s amazing growth and importance in the market?

Update (03/12/12): Doug Dawson, Media Relations head for Nokia posted on his Twitter account that the job opening actually has to do with extending Nokia HERE to Android. Hmmm.. sure.

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Unlocked iPhone 5 in the US x what we have in Brazil

So yesterday Apple started selling the unlocked iPhone 5 in the US (well, at least officially). They cost the same as they used to when you bought them unlocked with Sprint or AT&T: starting at US$649, or R$1363.

Meanwhile in Brazil, an unlocked 8Gb iPhone 4 costs R$1399. Infact, carriers raised the prices in early November. Gotta say, I’m scared of the iPhone 5 prices when it finally arrives here.

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Farewell, Cover Flow

iTunes 11 is pretty cool, but it’s a shame they had to let Cover Flow go. I really liked it and it was the only way I’d browse through my albums.

But hey, anything for a faster experience, right?

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Google Earth is worthless!

Real review, from a very frustrated user who’s unhappy about his Google Earth not being a live feed coming from space.

Google Earth Review

The world is full of idiots.

Via CultOfMac

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Microsoft advertises IE by mocking IE haters

Microsoft, this is funny and all, but I have to agree with him. For now, at least.

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Cool business card folds into an iMac

A designer called Sushil Kumar Swamy came up with this cool business card that folds into an iMac.


Apparently it’s for an Apple reseller from Mubai. Pretty cool. I wonder if they’d mail me one.

iMac 2

Via Comunicadores

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iOS6 Maps fallout hits another one

Bloomberg says that Richard Williamson, iOS6 Maps manager, has been fired by Eddy Cue. Whoever defended that Maps would be a game changer had no idea how much they were right.

Via 9to5Mac

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Microsoft will support Windows RT Surface for 4 years

BGR says that ‘Microsoft will support the Surface with Windows RT for four years until April 11th 2017’.

The bad news is that “will support” doesn’t really mean that 4 years from now the updated software will run smoothly in today’s Surface. The good news is that the users will never really know the difference.

Microsoft Sur…………….face.

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John Gruber on the Retina iPad mini

I feel certain the Mini will go retina, and that when it does, it will do so exactly like all previous iOS devices: same physical size, double the pixel resolution. The only question is when. The iPhone went retina in the fourth generation; the full-size iPad in the third. Seems like too much to ask for the Mini to do so in its second.

John Gruber, on a AnandTech story 

I think it’s unlikely that the next iPad mini won’t go Retina. While the iPhone 4 introduced the technology, the 3rd gen iPad was a statement that it wouldn’t be restricted to the iPhone, being even extended to MacBooks later on.

When the iPad 2 came out non-Retina, it was ok because people were still hung up with the fact that they wanted a front-facing camera, and there was the fact that it also brought a gyro. Retina came to the iPad when the 3rd gen brought internal-only improvements.

Now the iPad mini already has all of that. It actually has the exact same hardware and features as the iPad 2. This is why if a second generation Mini (which will likely have the same hardware specs as the 3rd gen iPad) doesn’t go Retina, I’m not exactly sure of what they could do with. Unless they come out with an iPad mini S, with under-the-hood-only improvements, which wouldn’t be that exciting. Especially if this only happens a year from now.

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Best Buy working for Apple

What called my attention wasn’t the mere fact that Best buy created an ad following Apple’s aesthetics, but the fact that they decided that part of the Christmas advertising budget should go to an ad promoting almost the entire Apple product line and services. Siri, Face Time, iPhone, iPad, Macbook.. A retailer advertising FOR a company? I think it’s unlikely that we’ll see something like this for the Samsung Galaxy Tab or the Microsoft Surface.

Video via 9to5mac

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