Apple, demise and prophecies

This is just what the “Apple is doomed without Steve Jobs” prophets needed. A british Apple ex-employee wrote a piece for The Guardian, explaining why Apple has peaked, and that from now on the company is heading to a slow but inevitable decline.

Over a year after taking over the company, Tim Cook is past the phase where he’d just hint at the fact that he has things under control. He is actually moving on and acting to make sure that this so-called demise doesn’t happen. Firing Scott Forstall, rolling out Retina display across all the devices (except for the iPad Mini), and adopting the new smaller connectors across every iDevice in less than a month are strong indications that there is no luck involved in the decision-making process going on in Cupertino. Steve Jobs may be a huge loss as an icon, but three million iPads mini sold in the first three days show that the company’s roadmap follows without surprises. And if this is a sign of demise, well, it is a sign that Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Samsung must be envying quite a bit.

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