What does an official Apple Store in Brazil mean?

Apple has confirmed to brazilian website G1 that they are indeed opening an Apple Store in the country. But what does this mean?

An Apple Store in Brazil is an important step for Apple. First because it’s the beginning of a way overdue expansion to Latin America. Second, because after John Browett’s canning, this opening is going to be closely supervised by Tim Cook himself, who’s temporarily filling Browett’s spot.

The choice of Rio seems obvious. If the mere fact of opening an Apple Store is a celebration by itself, the first store in Brazil couldn’t be anywhere else other than the place most closely connected to Samba, Carnival and Celebration.

Remember the image illustrating the arrival of the iTunes Store in Brazil. Yeah.

iTunes Store BR

I really hope that the store is in a new, fresh place, with own architecture and project, like the famous cube Store in NY, or the Shanghai Store. Or that they at least get a hold of a cool place, with singular architecture, like they did with the Passeig de Gracia Store, in Spain.

Now regarding the prices, it’s hard to imagine that anything will change when compared to the prices they already have on the online Apple Store. I hope I’m wrong, though.

While there is no information regarding when the store will actually open, it’s not something that will happen overnight, since they just posted job openings for all departments, including the Genius Bar, which takes some extensive training hours to say the least.

Anyhow, a brazilian Apple Store is very good news. This might also mean that new hardware releases start getting here faster. How great would that be?

The only ones mourning this news are probably stores like A2U, iPlace and so many other authorized resellers, which have been feeling this void for long enough. Not anymore.

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