Gradiente is either stupid, or dishonest. Probably both

Blog do iPhone ran an intersting story that shows how this whole Gradiente thing is bullshit to try to gather at least a little of attention to their new product.

Despite trying to promote the idea that Gradiente owns the brand in Brazil (the press release never says iPhone, but actually IPHONE), when you take a closer look, you notice that the story is not quite like that:

“What Gradiente actually owns (as noticed by our readers Rodrigo and Felipe Dias) is the rights just for the G GRADIENTE IPHONE brand.  So they can’t make Apple do anything.”

Idiots. Up until today I thought of Gradiente with a certain nostalgia, because of the My Frist Gradiente toy that I had when I was a kid. From today on it’ll just join the long list of brands that try to steal some attention and get some spotlight by cheating, instead of actually promoting the innovation they all promote with such regard. Hypocrites.

Via Blog do iPhone

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