Ho-ho-holy crap, the iPhone 5 prices in Brazil are insane

Blog do iPhone brings the news that mobile operator TIM has just released the information on iPhone 5 pricing in Brazil. TIM only sells contract-free, full-price phones. The 16gb version will cost R$2399 (U$1155), the 32gb will cost R$2699 (U$1299), and the 64gb will cost R$2999 (U$1444). They go on presale today. The iPhone 5 will be launched just a few days before Christmas, on Dec 14th in Brazil and over 50 countries.

The price of the iPhone in Brazil has always figured among the highest in the world, but this time it’s been taken to a whole new level. The information on TIM’s website indicates that the  price of the iPhone 4S will be maintained, so it looks like the iPhone 5’s entire line-up will be placed at an even higher price level.

That’s very disappointing news.

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