It’s not just the iPhone. In the 90s, Gradiente registered the PlayStation brand

Kotaku brings the story of how Gradiente filed to register the PlayStation brand back in 1997:

“Gradiente purchased the brand in 1997, claiming interest in releasing a domestic computer line called “Work and Play Station”. But this purchase happened 2 years after the PSOne was released, when Gradiente had already become the official manufacturer and distributer of the Nintendo 64 in Brazil, after taking over Playtronic’s responsibilities. A bit suspicious, maybe?”

The text goes on to report that in 2002 the brand was transferred to Sony without too much effort. Contrary to what they said will happen with the iPhone in that bullshit and confusing press release of theirs.

The worst part is that every international story about this ran along the lines of “Brazilian brand releases a phone called iPhone. Claims to have the rights for it”. After all these years of work and effort, all it took was an idiotic move by one company to throw the name of the country right back to stories discussing honesty and piracy.

Congratulations, Gradiente. Thanks for that.

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