Jason Snell writes on the iPad about writing on the iPad

Jason Snell has written (on his iPad) an excellent piece about writing on the iPad and how the iDevice has been changing his habits especially when it comes to texts he had been planning on writing for so long, or had been postponing on getting done with it.

My favorite part is when he talks about how the iPad provides focus:

“The changes in writing environment go beyond the act of typing. The iPad also offers a remarkable lack of distractions. When I write on my Mac I find I am endlessly checking Twitter and email and my weather station’s current conditions page and anything else I can find to distract myself from the difficult task of putting one word in front of another. On the iPad, I am more focused—and when I do finally take a break to check my email, it feels like an actual break, not a distraction.”

I still utterly suck at writing on iDevices. Of course the iPhone isn’t really meant for long-text writing (and as I don’t own an iPad I still haven’t produced big texts on it yet). Anyhow, 5 years using the iPhone, and I still need to go back and forth every two lines to type something right. Add to that the fact that the iOS editing workflow still needs some polishing, editing texts is not exactly a dinamyc task.

But it’s curious to observe how the introduction of a new writing environment can change long-estabilished habits of even who makes a living out of it.

Via Macworld

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