Bullshit prediction of the day: An iPhone 5S with fingerprint scanner [Updated]

Update from Sep 10th 2013: Clearly I was wrong. It did seem unlikely back when I wrote it, and I’m glad they did put the scanner there. My very first claim chowder. But the site is young. I’m pretty sure there will be others.

Apple Roadmap 2013

Several websites and blogs [123] posted today this roadmap, whoch foresees the launch of the iPhone 5S in either June or July, and that the device will feature a fingerprint scanner.

I would really like to know where these people get these ideas. When the iPhone 3GS was introduced, the design continued to be exactly as the design of the 3G, and the only new feature that wasn’t plain hardware was the capacity to capture video (which obviously only became possible due to such harware improvements).

When the 4S was released, it kept the iPhone 4 design, having yet again significant hardware improvements, which allowed Siri to exist.

In both cases, a significative hardware improvement allowed a software feature to be rolled out, and the design was kept exactly like its predecessor.

Today this prediction comes out, saying that the iPhone 5S will feature a fingerprint scanner, which is nothing but a guess based on last year’s purchase of Authentec by Apple. In fact, the iPhone 5S by itself is a guess, since there is absolutely nothing that may indicate that it’ll be released other than the weak deduction based on the fact that they released the 3GS and the 4S

To implement a fingerprint scanner, Apple would have to invariably change the internal design of the device, which is something that shouldn’t happen if they indeed release the 5S version.

The prophecy goes on to say that today’s iPhone 5 will infact be 2-year-old-rumored ‘cheaper, entry-level iPhone’, adopting a plastic casing instead of the current one. I can’t find a polite way of counter-argumenting, so I will just say that I disagree because of what I said in another article:

iOS6 runs as far back as the iPhone 3GS. It runs with way less features, for obvious reasons, but it’s there. And you know what? After the release of the iPhone 5, you can get an 8gb iPhone 4 for free. How’s that for entry-level price? If Apple is to invest on a cheaper iPhone that runs the current system, they’ll do that for the iPhone, not for a B version of the device just so it can cost less.

Since we’re talking nonsense rumors, here is one for you: How long until analysts start predicting a plastic-cased cheaper iPad?

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