What’s the problem with Samsung and their campaigns?

In its recent advertising history, Samsung has adopted a strategy that bashes Apple instead of talking about its own products and qualities. In 30″ and 60″ movies, they’d spend at least 80% of the time showing how iPhone users are morons and in the remaining 20% they were able to cram up one or two benefits of their own stuff.

Then, they decided to change their focus and adopted a new line of campaign. First they released a video that featured mommy making some porn for daddy, followed by an almost exact same version bringing Mrs. Claus making some porn for Santa Claus. Yep, very classy. Both commercials brought exactly the same benefit (yes, singular) that had already been displayed in the prior campaign: the little magic trick that you rub phones together to exchange data.

Today Samsung unveiled another commercial. And it looks like they decided to step inside their comfort zone again. This time around, their main target is RIM, who’s just about to release BlackBerry 10. Samsung made sure that everyone notices how superior they are to this fierce and dangerous competitor.

During the movie, they throw a few punches at Apple, but surprisingly this is not their focus. That’s already an advance when compared with those commercials that showed iPhone users as brain-dead hipsters. Now they don’t bash them. They just bash everyone.

Infact, even Galaxy S3 and note II users take a few hits in the commercial, being portrayed as nerds and geeks who make un-funny jokes and are socially awkward. Hey, who said all advertising had to be deceitful?

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