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Help me help you: Judge that favored Samsung in the UK now works for the company

Remember the whole mess between Apple and Samsung in the UK?

To jumpstart your memory: Apple sues Samsung for having copied the iPad with their Galaxy Tab, the Judge denies that the Tab is a blunt and pathetic copy of the iPad and rules that Apple has to issue a statement in a newspaper and on their website acknowledging this fact. Apple does so, but on their website they decide to include a Judge’s quote saying that the Galaxy Tab isn’t an iPad copy because it isn’t as cool. Judge slaps Apple in the hand and orders them to change the statement, accusing them of “lack of integrity”.

Ok? Ok.

Today MacRumors brings the news that this very same Judge, Sir Robin Jacob, now works for Samsung as an Expert Consultant in Patents.

Of course that it would be naïve to accuse Sir Jacob of any sort of ethical deviation, or, say, ‘lack of integrity’ at the time of his decision, but it’s hard to face with neutrality the fact that a little over 6 months after the fact, he is now in Samsung’s payrole.

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Still on Andry Rubin and retail stores: Moron

Jim Dalrymple needs a single word to define Andy Rubin and his thoughts on how retail stores: Moron.

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No, Google is not opening retail stores

During a conversation at AllThingsD, Andy Rubin said that contrary to what has been widely stated, Google has no plans to open a retail store.

This was yet another rumor promoted to the status of news without any wort of confirmation, which is something that has been done a lot lately. Instead of blogs and websites paying attention only to the amount of posts they put out daily, they should pay just as much attention and give just as much importance to the rumors that they don’t post.

It’s important to have pageviews, but it’s even more important to have credibility.

Share Button goes freemium. First impressions.

I’ve always been curious to see what looks like. From day one the idea really won me over; an alternative platform to Twitter that respects the user, and that wants the own platform to be it’s source of income, instead of the sale of their users’ information.

I got my invitation from Bruno Grande, entered the network, downloaded Netbot on my iPhone and looked around a little bit. My conclusion so far? If you’re interested in technology and you make sure to follow interesting people on Twitter, who’ll post interesting things and add relevant information to your day, ends up being a little redundant. And that’s because these are the same folks who adopted right from the get-go, and they end up posting the exact same thing both there and on Twitter.

I suspect that little by little, these people will end up migrating to and might abandon Twitter, turning into this sort of TechTwitter. This new freemium / invites policy, however, might attract curious people in general, but they will probably abandon the platform after a few days.

There is of course the whole ‘data storage’ thing, but honestly this seems a little confusing and a departure from the original idea of the platform. I’m not really sure what their intention with that is. We’ll see.

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Another iOS 6.1 Lock Screen bug comes to light

MacRumors and several other websites reported this new juggling trick that proves to be a little more serious, as it allows data to be transferred from the iPhone via USB.

It still puzzles me how people manage to figure these things out, but the bug history of the Lock Screen/Emergency Call makes me wonder if it’s time for a deeper revision of the coding that goes in this part of the iOS. Patching these holes apparently is not the way to go here.

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Is LG really entitled to mock Apple’s panorama feature?

LG released today an ad promoting their panorama feature for their upcoming Optimus G Pro. And what was the best way they found to do that? By poking Apple, of course! Now, my korean is a little rusty, but fortunately you don’t have to be fluent to understand what’s going on.

Hoje a LG lançou um comercial promovendo sua função de panorama. E qual foi a melhor maneira que eles encontraram de fazer isso? Ttirando sarro da função de panorama da Apple, claro! Apesar de não falar coreano (uhm.. certo?), dá pra entender bem o que rola.

For a little context, here’s Apple’s Panorama ad:

And now, here’s LG’s:

Well, discussing the method they chose to compare both features is pointless. It’s the Samsung school of promoting itself by comparison instead of merit.

The problem is… well.. do you know the feature they show in the ad? The Verge covered it a while ago when they reviewed the Nexus 4, which runs the same Android Jelly Bean that will infect the Optimus G Pro. Here’s the result

Verge Panorama 01

Verge Panorama 02

Now that they set such a high standard (afterall, outside of the advertising world, the iPhone’s panorama version works pretty well), let’s see if they’ll live up to it. You know, when they decide to actually launch the product.

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Apple x IBDI: A very poorly explained story

Yesterday the news that some IBDI has fled a lawsuit against Apple por having evolved the iPad too fast gained some attention in websites in Brazil as well as internationally. The news came from Jornal do Comércio and it brough information and absurd declarations which made it very hard to read through the whole thing with a straight face.

After I finished reading the story, I headed to the IBDI website, looking for more information on all the idiocy I had just read. I looked up under News, under Legislation, under Jurisprudence, and didn’t find anything. Then I decided to try and contact them. First via Twitter, followed by an email. The email they never answered. However they did contact me on Twitter a couple of hours later.

Twitter IBDI

@ibdi Is the news that you have filed a lawsuit against Apple because of the release of the iPad 4 true? I looked up for information on your website and didn’t find anything.


@mvcmendes We don’t know anything about it, at least not in Brazil

@ibdi – a couple of hours later

@ibdi In this case the news is wrong? There is no lawsuit filed by IBDI against Apple regarding the short gap between releases for the iPad 3 and 4?


To my surprise, the company denied knowing anything about the lawsuit they had apparently filed against Apple. Judging that the company could be taken as a reliable source of information about itself, I updated the article about this here on TechLinhas and informed MacRumors about what I had just learned.

As the matter kept gaining attention, I decided to contact the lawyer quoted in the original story, Sérgio Palomares. He, however, informed me that the original information was correct, and that contrary to what the company had informed me, the lawsuit was infact true.

Hours later, the company contacted me on Twitter saying that they would make a statement about it in a “timely manner”. Then they moved to delete the post in which they denied knowledge of the lawsuit, wich fortunately I had already registered. Having done that, the company went on to post on their website all the news that they could find that didn’t call attention to how absolutely proposterous their lawsuit is.

Twitter IBDI 2

“@OliveiraEmerson @mvcmendes IBDI will make a statement on the matter in a timely manner”


I don’t know what is the worst part about this entire thing. If it’s the absurd lawsuit by itself, it it’s the lawyers quotes on the matter (such as “The iPad 4 broke the company schedule paradigm of product release”), if it’s the fact that the company said they had no idea of what I was talking about and then taking it back, or the fact that they tried to cover their tracks showing that the lack of scruples isn’t limited to their legal department.

If this is not a really poorly explained story, I don’t know what is.

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Apple being sued for evolving the iPad too quickly [Updated 2x]

Oh, boy. As if the whole Brazilian iPhone mess wasn’t enough, here comes another idiotic piece of nonsense. Newspaper Jornal do Comércio brings the news that The Brazilian Institute of Computers Politics and Law (IBDI), which nobody had ever heard of until today, decided to file a lawsuit against Apple for ‘abusive commercial practice’ due to releasing the iPad 4 on the heels of the iPad 3.

They claim that there was not enough technological advancements that would justify the release of the iPad 4 and ask for a refund for every iPad 3 owner, since the iPad 4 was released 5 months after it finally started being sold in Brazil. Yet another ridiculous claim is that the iPad 4 release broke the ‘release schedule paradigm’ of the company.

According to BDI lawyer Sergio Palomares, “Consumers were buying an equipment they believed to be cutting-edge technology when infact it was already obsolete”.

The IBDI website doesn’t show any information regarding this lawsuit, and I have contacted them regarding the matter. They haven’t answered so far.

Update [12:36]: IBDI answered saying they don’t know anything about this “at least in Brazil”. I asked specifically about the information in the Jornal do Comercio story, and I’m waiting for their response (Twitter link, in portuguese). I have also contacted the law firm of Sergio Palomares, and am also waiting for a response.

Update [18:01]: Mr. Sergio Palomares answered my inquiries regarding both the story and the fact that the company did deny it on Twitter. He confirmed that the story is infact true, and that he is the lawyer responsible for the case. So maybe the “Social Media guy” didn’t know about the lawsuit, or the company tried to avoid an early spotlight on this. What is an undisputed fact, however, is that we have some very… eager lawyers working on this case. A case which looks a lot like those that get a lot of spotlight and end in nothing. You know, the bullshit ones.

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Oscar-nominated documentary was shot with an iPhone

TUAW brings the tip of an interview with Malik Bendjelloul to CNN Money in which he talks about how a $1.99 app saved him and helped him finish shooting his documentary Searching For Sugar Man when the Super 8 camera caused more expenses than he anticipated.

Saving your ass? There’s an app for that. Folks at 8mm Vintage Camera app must be really happy, as this curious story is surely going to generate a great exposure for them.

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HTC announces its iPhone, the HTC One

Today HTC announced the  HTC One. That’s less than a month after BlackBerry announced their Z10 e Q10 smarphones.Without any sort of irony, I think it’s really cool that the smartphone market is moving on, with once giants like HTC and RIM BlackBerry back in action. The market is currently polarized and frankly, a little boring.

What called my attention is that these two formerly giants managed to release only now something that’s worth getting some spotlight in a market that was born such long ago. Reminds me of something Steve Jobs said back when he first announced the iPhone, when he was talking about the iPhone OS, today obviously called iOS:

“Software on mobile phones is like baby software. It’s not so powerful. And today we’re gonna show you a software breakthrough. Software that’s at least five years ahead of what’s on any other phone.”

And so, 6 years later, the competition reaches what Apple was doing in 2007. What I do hope to see is that the iOS 7 comes out with the same innovation spirit that its first version brought, and that’s been lacking lately. That whole “where the puck is going to be” thing.

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