Somebody please buy Gene Munster a TV

Talk about not letting go. Every time I read about Gene Munster, I just know that I’m on my way to some maybe-yes-who-knows-rumor-confirmed Apple HDTV-related news.

9to5 brings the story on an intervew Munster gave to Bloomberg commenting on his predictions, guesses and clairvoyances regarding the future of Apple and their plans for releasing products. And of course that at some point he just had incluide the Apple HDTV in the talk. Was it before or after he commented on how he said the company would release a Retina iPad Mini this March? If anybody bothers to watch the video, please let me know.

Now, Mr. Tim Cook, please, buy any TV, stick an Apple logo on the back, and give it to Gene Munster. Who knows, maybe he’ll find something interesting to watch and will leave the rest of us alone.

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