Hey, Google, where’s your focus?

So Google decided to kill Google Reader to focus on less products in order to provide users with a better experience, right?

I wonder if they hadn’t wasted their time building a gazillion idiotic April Fools’ Day interactions like Treasure Hunt, Closing Down YouTube, Google Nose, Google+ Emoticons, Gmail Blue, ISS Visitors on Analytics, Pimp My House, Google Fiber Poles, Levity Algorithm, Wallet Mobile ATM, Save Analytics on Papyrus, Patapata, Make an Awesome app, and probably others that nobody even noticed, if they’d have figured out a way to keep Google Reader alive.

How much time and money (think meetings, ideas, scripting, development, implementation, interviewing captioning, video editing, production, etc..) did they spend on this truckload of pointless unfunny gimmicks? Where is the focus that was so important to seal Google Reader’s fate, which was actually useful?

Google’s April Fools’ Day was useful for one thing: to show how when it comes to their users, every day is Fools’ Day.

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