Once again, Samsung pays for a tweet, and it’s made via iPhone [Updated]

This time it was Dani Calabresa, a brazilian… I’m not sure.. comedian, sort of actress. Now she joins the list of celebrities (Oprah, David Ferrer) who are paid to pimp a non-Apple product and they do it form their iPhones.

The Tweet says “This extra battery from the #galaxyS4 saved my life just now, I forgot the cable at home… #trysomethingnew #AD”.

Funny thing is that people noticed it, and decided to share their thoughts.

“via iPhone?? You are a sell-of, just like Luciano Huck #unfollow”
“Really? Now tell my why you sent it via the iPhone? Huahahaha!”
“#Ad for the S4 sent via the iPhone?”
“via iPhone? Hmmm I think you like the iPhone better, huh Dani?” 

It probably won’t be long until this happens again.

UPDATE: Looks like she decided to delete the tweet. I wonder if she had to give the money back as well.

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