What does the future look like for Gene Munster?

Yesterday during the D11, Tim Cook commented about how Apple sees the television/entertainment market at the moment, making it clear that for now Apple is only acting with the Apple TV, and that this continues to be an area of intense interest for the company. The comment caused a few laughs, as it was pretty much the same thing that Cook said during D10 last year.

Gene Munster, famous world-wide for his bordeline pathological obsession with the certainty that Apple might release a television at any second now, wrote the following:

“DWe felt that after viewing the conversation, it seems fairly certain that Apple will launch a television, a watch, and multiple iterations of the iPhone by the end of 2014 as well as a potential new service offering. (…) We believe Tim Cook’s comments at D11 pointed to Apple launching a television. While he did not talk about when the TV could come out, we continue to believe the announcement could happen at the end of this year.”

When I read that, something occurred to me: what on Earth will Gene Munster do if when Apple finally releases a television? That’s when I thought of a (Seth McFarlane?) video showing what happens to Wile E. Coyote after he finally catches Road Runner:

For a few years now, every time Gene Munster decides that he has something to say, the world knows that he’ll talk about Apple’s television again. He’s made countless predictions and comments about it, reaching the point where it just became comical. John Gruber’s tweet on January 23rd during Apple’s Conference Call to present their Financial Results is a good example

What will be of poor Gene Munster’s life when his biggest obsession finally becomes true? Will he quit Piper Jaffray so he can sit in front of his iTV 24/7? Will he start obsessing over Apple’s iCar, iToaster, iFlipFlops, iVCR? Or will he one Saturday knock on your door asking you if you have found Jesus Christ?

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