We are the champions again: Brazilian iPad mini is the world’s most expensive

Now it’s confirmed. The iPad mini in Brazil starts at R$1.300 (or U$576), up to R$2.150 (U$954) for the most expensive model.

I found an article by TechHunter UK which lists prices for the iPad mini around the world. Approximating the conversion, prices in the USA (U$329), UK (U$413), Germany (U$345), France (U$353), Switzerland (U$435), Spain (U$338), Japan (U$333), South Korea (U$404), Hong Kong (U$322), Singapore (U$371), Australia (U$333) and New Zealand (U$326) average to U$353. That’s U$223 less than over here.

It’s pretty frustrating to have held out for so long, just to buy it when it was officially released in Brazil. After the news came out that the iPad mini had been licensed by Anatel to start production at Foxconn in Brazil, I figured it would be a nice gesture to buy it when it came out over here. Maybe it would help to show that if there was an effort to push prices down, there would be a greater demand for the product, right? Nope.

Now not only will we have to pay almost as much as what a 32GB retina 4th gen iPad costs for a 16GB mini, but also the models being sold here are the same as the rest of the world, manufactured in China. What the hell are those iPads mini being produced in Brazil for?

U$576. That’s more expensive than the 64GB model in the US. I guess it’ll have to wait.

Note: The Dollar/Brazilian Real exchange rate has been extremely unstable in Brazil. While U$1 had been stable at around R$2 for a while, in the last month it has climbed to R$2.25, which is the conversion I used for these comparisons.

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