The iPhone 5S and its fingerprint scanner which may or may be not causing delays

9to5 Mac published today that kind of pageview-bait story that shows images of iPhone shells taken somewhere in China, published by some Chinese media channel, and that now will spread throughout all technology news sites in the world as the day progresses.

The second paragraph is some sort of rumor masterpiece, which by now should be hanging on the walls of these rumor websites’ offices:

“Specs for the iPhone 5S from this same leak include NFC reader (which was taken out of the iPhone 5 late in production we’ve heard), a Fingerprint Reader (which may or may not be causing production delays), Sharp 4-inch 1136×640 (and maybe LG) IGZO display for power savings and better image quality and new 12 megapixel backside camera with dual LED flash.”

So the fingerprint scanner may or may not be causing problems? The screen might be Sharp and maybe LG? Talk about accuracy. I don’t know why, but stories like this one still surprise me coming from serious websites. Have iOS 7-related news already stopped giving pageviews? I’ll click on some more if it stops pointless stories like this from being posted.

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