Products, competition, stocks and innovation. Tim Cook’s complete interview to Bloomberg Businessweek

“Well, to some people innovation only equals a new category. And I don’t view it that way. I don’t view it that way at all. I mean, if you look at these products, there are many innovative things in these products, from the fingerprint sensor to the flash to the processing power. IOS is filled with innovation. Seven’s innovation overflows the cup.”

This Businessweek interview is becoming sort of a tradition. Every year they are granted one of those, always very close to a major product release.

It is really worth the read, despite it not bringing new information to the table. It is a sort of reassurance of Apple’s values and attitude towards the market, competition, and the way they want to be perceived.

However I did notice an extra effort into making it clear that Apple has no interest in gaining market share by selling to people who don’t value technology or the effort to deliver a better experience. In several moments Cook refers to those ultra-cheap smartphones as the “junk market”.

Anyhow, do read the interview. And here’s a drinking game suggestion: Take a sip every time Tim Cook says “And so”. If it turns out you find the interview boring, at least you’ll be half-way drunk when it’s over. Unless you’re Jim Dalrymple, who I’d expect to be drinking while reading it anyways.

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