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Kit Kat: in bed with Android, but still using the iPhone

This has become quite a common story. Celebrities get some money in exchange for a stealth spontaneous post praising an Apple competitor, despite them having iPhones and iPads as their real personal devices. Jessica Alba, OprahDavid Ferrer and Dani Calabresa (who?) are a few examples of this sort of situation.

However, this is the first time that a brand does the exact same thing. Early last September, Kit Kat and Google announced a partnership to name the next version of Android as Android Kit Kat. The chocolate brand is also making a world-wide sweepstake that places the little green robot on their packages and tout at the chance to win hundreds of tablets.

But none of that was enough to stop the Brazilian branch of the brand from making a Facebook post suggesting that the perfect kit for a night out includes your wallet, your car keys, your Kit Kat, and… your iPhone, of course!


In the post comments (it’s in Portuguese) some people pointed out the irony, which prompted the brand to make a new post (in Portuguese again) featuring an Android phone, and saying “Oh, yeah, iPhone users were being left out since our partnership, so this was an homage to them”. Sure.

I don’t get how this sort of thing happens after a world-wide really expensive deal is announced. But I also don’t get how such a poor Photoshop job to remove the car brand in the car key gets approved as well, so…

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Android KitKat. Anyone else see the irony?

Have a bug

Google announced today that the new Android version will be named after a partnership between them and Nestlé: Android KitKat.

Way to turn a bug into a feature. Android’s constant system freezes and reboots can now be called “a break”.

Via Google

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Developer on their app for Android: sold 8 times, pirated 2.462

Lucky Frame, the scottish company responsible for the fun Gentlemen! for iPad, posted on their Twitter account the result of 3 days of the app being available for Android:
Lucky Frame

Open always wins.

Via Marco Arment

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Android Jelly Bean arriving to AT&T-based Samsung Galaxy S3 devices

AllThingsD brings the news on the update.

I know that going over the whole fragmentation thing is old news, but I still think that this device-by-device, carrier-by-carrier update mechanics is very surreal. Everything related to Android updates rollout is very, very complicated. It becomes pretty clear why there may even be more devices running Android compared to iOS, but iOS has quite a lead when it comes to content consumption and time spent actually using the device.

I’d hate to won a device and not know when and if I’ll be allowed to update to the latest version. Having an Android is sort of like enrolling in a lottery.

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Do you use Android? Happy 2013!

If you are a proud owner of a device running Android Jelly Bean 4.2, you might want to cancel your appointments for the end of the year. That’s because according to the People app, as soon as November ends, you’ll be teleported directly to January, as the entire month of December is missing from the calendar. Yep.

Google is already working on a fix for it. But worst case scenario, this bug will disappear within 42 days.

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The Verge spills the beans on Microsoft Office for iOS and Android

The Verge is a complicated source when it comes to accurante and unbiased information. In any case, they are saying that Microsoft Office for iOS Android will arrive in early 2013.

The story says that the free app will at first bring the ability to open documents, without the ability to edit them. In case the user wants to be able to edit, then he’ll have to subscribe to the Office 365 service.

Bottom line? Too little too late. It’s a late arrival and it adds nothing new. There are countless apps available that do the exact same thing.


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