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I’ve always been curious to see what looks like. From day one the idea really won me over; an alternative platform to Twitter that respects the user, and that wants the own platform to be it’s source of income, instead of the sale of their users’ information.

I got my invitation from Bruno Grande, entered the network, downloaded Netbot on my iPhone and looked around a little bit. My conclusion so far? If you’re interested in technology and you make sure to follow interesting people on Twitter, who’ll post interesting things and add relevant information to your day, ends up being a little redundant. And that’s because these are the same folks who adopted right from the get-go, and they end up posting the exact same thing both there and on Twitter.

I suspect that little by little, these people will end up migrating to and might abandon Twitter, turning into this sort of TechTwitter. This new freemium / invites policy, however, might attract curious people in general, but they will probably abandon the platform after a few days.

There is of course the whole ‘data storage’ thing, but honestly this seems a little confusing and a departure from the original idea of the platform. I’m not really sure what their intention with that is. We’ll see.

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