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This lying telemarketing robot sounds frighteningly real


A Time Magazine staff member received a telemarketing call where someone tried to sell him health insurance. So far, nothing extraordinary about this story. Until he noticed that Samantha West, the woman who he’d been talking to was actually a robot.

Right after the first contact, Time reporters began calling the phone number countless times, trying to explore the possibilities and interactions provided by the robot. Take a few minutes to listen to these two calls and join the club of people who got somewhat scared by this sort of possibility.

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What deeply troubled me was that the robot was programmed to lie, and to try to convince whoever is on the other side of the call that they’re talking to a real person. This is not the sort of decision that is made lightly. It establishes a terrible precedent for this sort of dishonest behavior.

Coming just a few days after Google acquired Boston Dynamics and Amazon promised to deliver our goods via drones, I’d expect a little more responsibility regarding this whole robot-human close interaction.

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Awesome: A peek at the production of the Rayman Legends game

Very few times have I been this surprised and envious of someone’s professional day-to-day life.

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Interesting video: A look at the future from 1954

It’s always really cool to watch things like this. Especially when the number of accurate guesses is this impressive.

Almost everything that is predicted there by GE already exists. Even FaceTime is in there in a way. Now if the iWatch will come with a radio and when computers will start procreating (some already clearly suck, but some people say that doesn’t count) are two questions yet to be answered.

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Key Save: Misplaced your key? Just print a new one

With the recent episodes of personal data being stolen from secure places, I’m not sure I’d want my house key stored in the cloud. Anyhow, this is a pretty cool idea by the Belgian securtity company DVV.

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