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Phoneception: HTC launches a Bluetooth phone for your smartphone

PhonephoneHave you ever wanted a phone that connects via Bluetooth to your phone, so you can talk on the phone while you use your phone? If you are one of the two HTC users, this is your lucky day. For $50, The new HTC Mini+ sets you free from the tiring task of using your smartphone to make calls, and it also doubles as a TV remote. Technology has just fulfilled it’s purpose for mankind.

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Study reveals the obvious: Nobody cares for Facebook Home

The news comes from BGR: Study: More than 90% of U.S. smartphone owners have no interest in Facebook Home

How the hell does something like this get released? I don’t know which is worse: Either nobody thought of doing this sort of research before the release the product, or the research was so ridiculously askew that it actually indicated that this was a good idea.

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HTC First, the Facebook Phone, will be discontinued 1 month after its insignificant release

Some ideas are dead-on-arrival. Some are just agonizing-on-arrival and die only a few short weeks after they are regretfully released into the world. BGR has just confirmed that the HTC First will be discontinued, a little over a month after its release.

That was almost as fast as the Nexus Q demise. Although this is a hard one to beat, as the Nexus Q never even saw the light of day.

Now what I don’t understand is how something like this can possibly happen. Especially to companies that should know better by now. I wonder if someone decided to skip the market research part of the process, or if it was the result of the research that was conveniently ignored. How the hell does a phone that nobody wants (not even for free) makes it all the way to the stores?

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Flop ahead: AT&T drops the HTC First – or Facebook Phone – price from U$99 to U$0.99

When I first saw this phone I thought: not even if I got that for free. I guess we’re not that far away from that being true.

Via AllThingsD

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HTC announces its iPhone, the HTC One

Today HTC announced the  HTC One. That’s less than a month after BlackBerry announced their Z10 e Q10 smarphones.Without any sort of irony, I think it’s really cool that the smartphone market is moving on, with once giants like HTC and RIM BlackBerry back in action. The market is currently polarized and frankly, a little boring.

What called my attention is that these two formerly giants managed to release only now something that’s worth getting some spotlight in a market that was born such long ago. Reminds me of something Steve Jobs said back when he first announced the iPhone, when he was talking about the iPhone OS, today obviously called iOS:

“Software on mobile phones is like baby software. It’s not so powerful. And today we’re gonna show you a software breakthrough. Software that’s at least five years ahead of what’s on any other phone.”

And so, 6 years later, the competition reaches what Apple was doing in 2007. What I do hope to see is that the iOS 7 comes out with the same innovation spirit that its first version brought, and that’s been lacking lately. That whole “where the puck is going to be” thing.

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