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David Ferrer posts all his love for his Samsung Galaxy S4. From his iPhone.

David Ferrer

I guess he must have learned that from Oprah.

From AppleInsider, via The Loop

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Samsung admits they hired students to post articles attacking HTC

“While the company hasn’t discussed any specific allegations, Samsung did admit fault to an extent due to employees’ “insufficient understanding” of its marketing principles”

How shameful. For a company that uses the tagline “It doesn’t take a genius”, Samsung really needs to get someone with at least half a brain to make some decisions. There is an investigation going on and they could be fined up to U$835.000. That’s a very low fine, if you ask me.


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Samsung is working on their own iWatch

Now I’m really hoping Apple’s iWatch is just a rumor.

Via Bloomberg

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Help me help you: Judge that favored Samsung in the UK now works for the company

Remember the whole mess between Apple and Samsung in the UK?

To jumpstart your memory: Apple sues Samsung for having copied the iPad with their Galaxy Tab, the Judge denies that the Tab is a blunt and pathetic copy of the iPad and rules that Apple has to issue a statement in a newspaper and on their website acknowledging this fact. Apple does so, but on their website they decide to include a Judge’s quote saying that the Galaxy Tab isn’t an iPad copy because it isn’t as cool. Judge slaps Apple in the hand and orders them to change the statement, accusing them of “lack of integrity”.

Ok? Ok.

Today MacRumors brings the news that this very same Judge, Sir Robin Jacob, now works for Samsung as an Expert Consultant in Patents.

Of course that it would be naïve to accuse Sir Jacob of any sort of ethical deviation, or, say, ‘lack of integrity’ at the time of his decision, but it’s hard to face with neutrality the fact that a little over 6 months after the fact, he is now in Samsung’s payrole.

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What’s the problem with Samsung and their campaigns?

In its recent advertising history, Samsung has adopted a strategy that bashes Apple instead of talking about its own products and qualities. In 30″ and 60″ movies, they’d spend at least 80% of the time showing how iPhone users are morons and in the remaining 20% they were able to cram up one or two benefits of their own stuff.

Then, they decided to change their focus and adopted a new line of campaign. First they released a video that featured mommy making some porn for daddy, followed by an almost exact same version bringing Mrs. Claus making some porn for Santa Claus. Yep, very classy. Both commercials brought exactly the same benefit (yes, singular) that had already been displayed in the prior campaign: the little magic trick that you rub phones together to exchange data.

Today Samsung unveiled another commercial. And it looks like they decided to step inside their comfort zone again. This time around, their main target is RIM, who’s just about to release BlackBerry 10. Samsung made sure that everyone notices how superior they are to this fierce and dangerous competitor.

During the movie, they throw a few punches at Apple, but surprisingly this is not their focus. That’s already an advance when compared with those commercials that showed iPhone users as brain-dead hipsters. Now they don’t bash them. They just bash everyone.

Infact, even Galaxy S3 and note II users take a few hits in the commercial, being portrayed as nerds and geeks who make un-funny jokes and are socially awkward. Hey, who said all advertising had to be deceitful?

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Samsung Galaxy Fonblet. Huh?

BGR brought the news the rumor that Samsung might be thinking about releasing a 5.8 inch phone, baptizing the creature as Fonblet. Better yet, the Samsung Galaxy Fonblet.

Samsung Galaxy Fonblet

Not for nothing, but the first thing that comes to mind is Agent Maxwell Smart and his Shoephone.

Samsung Galaxy Shoephone

Hey, at least they are done copying Apple.

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"There is no iPhone without the Samsung patents", says Shin Jong-kyun

“The truth never lies. Without Samsung-owned wireless patents, it’s impossible for the Cupertino-based Apple to produce its handsets. As you know, Samsung is very strong in terms of portfolios of wireless patents.”

Shin Jong-kyun, Samsung mobile chief,
to The Korea Times

Ah, how good for you. Now say, Mr. Shin Jong-kuyn.. is there a Galaxy without the iPhone patents? 2 billion dollars in patent violation penalties say there is not.

Via: BGR

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Samsung refuses to consider settling patent dispute with Apple

“It may be true that HTC may have agreed to pay 300 billion won (US$276 million) to Apple, but we don’t intend to (negotiate) at all.”

Jong-Kyun Shin, Samsung Master Samurai

Samsung already dug a 2-billion dollar deep hole. What exactly are they trying to do? They’ll just keep digging until they reach the other side to attempt an escape?

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Samsung increases iDevices chip costs by 20%

Samsung is playing really dirty. A company that pulls this crap can’t be taken seriously. This will only get Apple to move faster on the chip supploer change, since they are already signaling TSMC as their main supplier.

Enjoy these extra 20%, Samsung. It won’t last long, and you still have those U$2 billion to hand to Apple.

Via: MacRumors

UPDATE: Samsung denied that they have increased the chip costs. Shouldn’t be long until someone comes out and denies this information again.

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Apple vs Samsung, chapter 23273238

When the british justice determined that Apple should put a text on their british website informing that the Galaxy Pad wasn’t a copy of the iPad, the company decided bo be cheeky about it and included in the text a quote from a british judge saying that the Galaxy Tab couldn’t be confused with an iPad because it just wasn’t as cool.

British justice told the company off, and made them remove the text from the website, replacing it with a more informative and serious text about the matter. Apple did, but decided to act up again. They hid the link that led to the new statement in a way that the link would only appear if the user scrolled down until the bottom of the page, as noted by Blog do iPhone. They removed this feature a few days later.

Last friday, british justice ruled that Apple is to pay every penny (well, pence) spent by Samsung throughout the entire course of the process. Despite this being a usual procedure in the Queen’s land, this ruling goes beyond the common practice, making this counterpayment by Apple a sort of indenizatory punishment for not taking the rulins seriously.

Honestly. Can you blame them?

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