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Play Choplifter, the game that came with the Apple II


The site Javascript MESS has the objective of porting every computer that has ever existed into the MESS (Multi Emulator Super System) platform, in Javascript, so it can run in your browser. A cool curiosity that it brings is the possibility to play Choplifter, which is the game that came with the Apple II from 1982 on.

In the game you are a helicopter pilot and your mission is to rescue hostages while fighting enemy forces.

Back to Javascript MESS, despite the extensive list with several computer emulations from Apple, Atari, Commodore, etc, I was only able to load Choplifter. However it’s worth checking it out. Maybe your luck will be better than mine and you’ll be able to play with the Macintosh, for instance.

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MSFT priorities and the Surface 2

“We’ve added the Surface logo. You’re using a Surface, you want people to know you’re using a Surface. Let them know.”


I never understood people who buy things just to parade them around instead of actually using them. But when a company comes out and promotes this behavior by physically changing something in their devices, you know that there is something really wrong there..

There is something else that really bothers me here. Is it really Surface users who want “people to know” that they’re using a Surface, or is it Microsoft who wants people to know that there is someone using a Surface instead of and iPad? Because they are so much alike anyways…

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About the Samsung Galaxy Gear

Something tells me that the second generation of this watch is going to be fairly different from the one that was introduced today.

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Microsoft buys Nokia Devices for $7 billion

Truth is they bought a few hundred patents and a CEO. Nokia Devices came as a freebie.

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Another Apple reseller is robbed in São Paulo

On July 3rd, a2YOU store located at Paulista Mall was robbed. Armed robbers broke into the mall in the middle of the night, got the security to surrender, broke the store front window and stole an undisclosed amount of Apple goods.

This time it happened at iPlace store, at Villa Lobos Mall, in broad daylight. Initial estimates pointed to a U$56.600 loss, with 40 iPhones and 15 iPads stolen. That’s not good news for a country that is about to get its first Apple Store.

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BBM coming soon to iOS and Android

Zach Epstein for BGR:

“BBM will finally expand beyond the BlackBerry platform. BlackBerry on Tuesday announced that BBM will launch this summer for Apple’s iPhone and for Android devices.”

Aa inexpressive as BlackBarry may be, i work with people who wouldn’t give up their BlackBerries for anything. That’s yet another (huge) nail in the coffin of the SMS.

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Netflix on the BlackBerry 10: Unnecessary

You know you have to do better when a company the size of Netflix, which lives out of making content available to a wide number of platforms, says that they will not develop an app for your device because it would be unnecessary additional work.

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Still on Andry Rubin and retail stores: Moron

Jim Dalrymple needs a single word to define Andy Rubin and his thoughts on how retail stores: Moron.

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2012: Cable goes down, online-purchased entertainment goes up

Putting together this post by BGR, and the news that HBO Go might arrive at the Apple TV soon, I’m more and more certain about what I wrote about the whole Apple releasing a television in iTV: The eternal rumor of an upcoming product.

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