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iOS 7 calendar reveals how the months will be organized from 2038 on [Updated]

If you’re into the habit of missing appointments, Apple might have solved your problem. Not right away though, but starting in 2038. That’s because according to the iOS 7 calendar app, the months of February, April and May will happen twice a year, making it a total of 15 months between January and December.

The month of October, however, will be removed from the calendar, which could point to a different schedule of iPad announcements.


The news is especially good for those who complain that February is too short, as the second February that comes right after the first one will have 31 days, even on leap years.

Taking a closer look, it’s also possible to see that Apple will please specifically their most lazy users, as months will be composed almost completely by Saturdays.

Semana 2038

There is no word as to changes in the Chinese and Jewish calendars, however within the next 25 years new information is expected to come up.

Tip by @Dandrive, via Blog Do iPhone Twitter

Update: The always well-informed Felipe Kellermann told me that this is a problem that affects every 32-bit Unix-based system. Contrary to what I originally thought, this is not a silly iOS 7 bug, but a rather bigger problem. Yikes.

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