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AllThingsD confirms Tim Cook at D11

AllThingsD has just confirmed that Tim Cook will return to their annual conference. D11 will happen between May 28th and 30th, and Tim Cook’s interview will open the conference.

It’s a shame that it won’t be after the WWDC with the iOS7 announcement, as a post-WWDC interview would offer so much more to be explored.

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Netflix, and the market

Peter Kafka, on AllThingsD, about Netflix:

“Netflix has plenty of competitors selling streaming video on the Web. So far none of them is remotely close to challenging Reed Hastings and company.”

Yeah. Two years ago, HP was, according to their own CEO Mark Hurd, “the biggest IT company in the world“. Last friday their stocks reached the lowest value in 10 years, losing over US$70 billion in the process.

Sentences like that have and increasingly shorter accuracy.

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