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BBM and the App Store Top 25

Remember the post  BBM and the top of the App Store, in which I defended that despite all the stories of the surprising and overwhelming success of the app at the App Store, I expected it to fall below the Top 25 list within two weeks?


It took 10 days.

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BBM and the top of the App Store

Tero Kuittinen, for BGR:

“A day after being released, BBM became the most popular messaging app in the world. By 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, it was ranked as the No. 1 free iPhone app in 66 countries”.

Sounds like a short run to me. I give it 2 weeks before it drops below the Top 25. Remember Nokia Here? No. Exactly.

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Apple rearranges age ratings at the App Store. Good sign.

9to5Mac brings the news. It’s not exactly a big change, but it’s a sign that the way information is presented in the App Store is being retought. However, I still think that there is plenty, plenty of room for improvements. I hope Jony Ive feels the same way.

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iOS6 App Store: The most complicated App Store results yet.

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Angry Birds Rio for free for 1 week

Nice choice as the free app of the week. One of the collest until now. [iPhone / iPad]

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Google Maps on the iPhone. Thank Apple for that.

Theeeere you go. Now you can get lost and not blame apple for it.

A few details make this an interesting release. In his review for the NYT,  David Pogue said the following:

“The brand-new, completely rethought design is slick, simple and coherent. Google admits that it’s even better than Google Maps for Android phones, which has accommodated its evolving feature set mainly by piling on menus.”

Funny. If this Google Maps app is so great, it only exists because Google had to actually work on it after being kicked from the iOS. Machiavelli would be proud.

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iOS6 App Store: The most complicated App Store results yet.


When Apple announced back in February that they had acquired Chomp, the app discovery platform, it was great news. An app discovery feature integrated right to the App Store, maybe added to the Genius, would help me find out about great apps I’d never know about otherwise. It would be an excellent way to improve the App Store experience.

It would.

When the new App Store was unveiled, with the new app-by-app, chart-based search results, I loved it. Charts were a clever way to bring screenshots and ratings right to the search result in a clear and direct way. The information provided when I tapped a chart was everything I needed to know: more screenshots, details, reviews and related apps. Everything right there.


However, when I finally played with iOS 6, within the first 5 minutes messing with the new App Store, I came across a problem that until today I can’t believe they didn’t solve beforehand: Lists.

Yep, lists. If you know what you’re looking for, the revamped App Store is excellent. But what if you’re not exactly sure and feel like exploring the search results for say.. Zombies?


A search for Zombies today returns 3.712 results. If you’re on the iPad, this means 619 search results pages. If you’re on the iPhone, you might have to go through 3.712 result pages to find what you’re looking for. If you’re just looking for a zombie fix until The Walking Dead doesn’t return, you’ll have to go through the results one by one, until you find the app you think might satisfy your walker-killing needs.

App Store iOS5 (TechCruch)

And what If you’re a developer and your app is just getting started? Forget about that lucky break with a chance of your app showing up within the first 25 or 50 results. While all it took was a finger swipe and a button press to get you through the top 50 result list, today to go through the same 50 results is an exercise in patience. I have to say that not once have I been past the 10th result or so.

The first time I interacted with the revamped App Store, when presented with the results, my first instinct was to turn the iPhone to Landscape mode. Since there wasnt a clear option to see the results list, maybe they had come up with some sort of odd, non-intuitive way to present it. Maybe in Cover Flow mode..? Anything, really. But no.

The horizontally scrolling listing adopted across the other App Store areas (and across iTunes) works, but I find it rather ugly and rudimentary. I don’t see why they would try to ‘solve’ any issues with the vertical list, when there were no issues to begin with. It didn’t make exploring hard. On the contrary, actually.

iOS5 / iOS6 (AppAnnie)

I’ve searched the web to see if I could find any indication as to why they’d do this, but all I could find were people as bothered by this as I am.

Honestly, I hope that iOS 7 brings a better solution for it. This has to be one more item on Jony Ive’s list of iOS territories that needs attention. The app chart works, but they just can’t be the only way to present the search results.

Updates, for instance, bring a very effective way of presenting the information. I see the list, and if I want to see more, I tap the “What’s new” button. There. Mission accomplished.


This just feels like such a cleaner way to present multiple results.

The benefits of the U$50 million invested by Apple with Chomp’s acquisition are yet to be seen. Unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, don’t expect the App Store to help you with that. Quite the opposite of what we all expected.

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Got a burning doubt about anything? There's an app for that

Screenshot Questions

Are you by any chance one of those people who’d rather ask someone about something instead of looking it up on Google? If that’s the case, this is the app for you.

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Angry Birds Star Wars arrives at the App Store and goes straight to the top

Angry Birds: Star Wars

After a few teasers, today Rovio has finally released its newest chapter from the Angry Birds franchise at the App Store. And it already made its way to the top of the list, ranking top paid app.

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