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Famous app Bump meets its end after Google acquisition

Google is starting 2014 with their favorite move: killing an useful service used by millions worldwide.

Via The Verge

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Throw Me To Heaven: An app rejected by Apple, for the sake of your iPhone

So how about this app? You throw your iPhone as high as you can, and as soon as it lands perfectly safe in your hands you check out how high it went, and enter a highscore ranking.

Send Me To Heaven

If the mere idea was enough to give you chills, you’re not alone. Apple naturally rejected the app because it would encourage activities that could damage the device. Shocking.

Do you know however where you can find this app? At Google Play, of course. If this isn’t a perfect example of how much each company cares for their users, I don’t know what is.

Via Kotaku

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Path: The app that thinks that it’s ok to send spam via SMS

Today several people complained that they had received SMS messages containing spam as well as recorded actual phone calls inviting them to join Path. Under the fair assumption that it had been an error, The Verge got in touch with the company. Their reply was rather surprising:

“By default, Path assumes you want to send a message to all your Facebook friends, displaying a list with every name checked. The user must then tap “unselect all,” or Path will text a signup link to every friend.”

So, it’s not a bug. It’s a feature. It there anybody at fault here, it’s the users who aren’t un-selecting all their friends to save them from receiving spam promoting the app. Riiight.

Honestly? It would have been better if this had been just a bug.

Via 9to5Mac

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Rego: An app that’s bound to cause some laughs in Portuguese

So today Portuguese-speaking iPhone users managed to have quite some fun reading the description for the useful app Rego. You see, Rego in Portuguese (at least in Brazilian Portuguese) is slang that can be translated as… butt crack!

If you visit their website and replace the name for the app for what it means in Portuguese, adjusting to proper grammar that asks for a preposition depending on the case, this is what you’re left with:

“Butt Crack keeps track of your favorite places. That little cafe you found. Those remote hikes. That special vacation. With the Butt Crack, you’ll never forget a place again.”

“The Butt Crack’s private. Nobody sees what you add to the Butt Crack. But sometimes you’ll want to share a place with a friend—or even the whole world—and the Butt Crack makes that easy. Shared places import directly in the Butt Crack, making it perfect for, “Let’s meet up here!””

“Yet another social network? Absolutely not. We built the Butt Crack to be private; it’s for your places. You can share a place with someone, but there are no friends lists, following people or “feeds”.

“The Butt Crack is free for everybody”

“No matter who you are, we bet you’ll find some interesting and unique ways to use the Butt Crack. Here’s some ideas to get you started.”

“Plan your itinerary by checking how far everything is from your hotel. And while there, use the Butt Crack to capture your trip in photos and notes.”

“Capture those daily memories in photos and notes. What you add to the Butt Crack is private—nobody’s watching!”

“The Butt Crack is perfect for photographers wanting to capture their own shoot locations, or share some with others.”

“In order to use the Butt Crack sharing, you need to create an account with our service and login using the app.”

And here is my favorite:

“Add all the points of interest around your event to the Butt Crack and then share those places publicly so your visitors and participants can import in their own Butt Crack.”

I’m not sure if there is even anything that can be done in a situation like this, but I have to say that after laughing so hard with this perfect example of a cultural clash, I had to download the app and give it a try. I’ve actually added a few pins to my Butt Crack. Just to try it out, you know.

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Oscar-nominated documentary was shot with an iPhone

TUAW brings the tip of an interview with Malik Bendjelloul to CNN Money in which he talks about how a $1.99 app saved him and helped him finish shooting his documentary Searching For Sugar Man when the Super 8 camera caused more expenses than he anticipated.

Saving your ass? There’s an app for that. Folks at 8mm Vintage Camera app must be really happy, as this curious story is surely going to generate a great exposure for them.

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Google Earth is worthless!

Real review, from a very frustrated user who’s unhappy about his Google Earth not being a live feed coming from space.

Google Earth Review

The world is full of idiots.

Via CultOfMac

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Israeli 13-year old creates missile attack warning app

The Times of Israel brings a story on a free app made by a 13-year-old kid which pushes a warning notification when there is an incoming missile alert in Israel.

The story explains that every time a Red Alert is given, the app pushes the red alert to the phones and says how many seconds ago the alert was issued so people can try to run for cover. They say that depending on the distance from the Gaza strip, people have something like 15 seconds to try to save their lives.

The world is amazing and shitty at the same time.

Via: The Loop

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