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Samsung can’t wait for the iWatch. Galaxy Gear return rate is above 30%

Ron Amadeo, for  Ars Tecnica:

Geek.com has obtained an internal memo from Best Buy and Samsung pegging the return rate at “above 30 percent.” It sounds like the companies are somewhat puzzled by this, as the memo asks employees to help figure out why customers are so dissatisfied. Consumers are probably running into the same problems we found in our review: The Galaxy Gear requires a smartphone, but is incompatible with most smartphones.”

I have a feeling that from all of Apple’s customers, Samsung was the one with the biggest hope that an iWatch would get unveiled at the event that took place last Tuesday..

It’s actually comical that Samsung is asking Best Buy to figure out why customers are dissatisfied and want their money back. It shows that they have absolutely no clue of what they are doing and of what people want. And worse: it shows that they won’t even bother to find it out themselves.

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Best Buy working for Apple

What called my attention wasn’t the mere fact that Best buy created an ad following Apple’s aesthetics, but the fact that they decided that part of the Christmas advertising budget should go to an ad promoting almost the entire Apple product line and services. Siri, Face Time, iPhone, iPad, Macbook.. A retailer advertising FOR a company? I think it’s unlikely that we’ll see something like this for the Samsung Galaxy Tab or the Microsoft Surface.

Video via 9to5mac

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50.000 hours

That’s how much time BestBuy invested in training their employees for the Windows 8 debut and holiday season, according to Forbes. Apparently it’s not just the general public who’ll need to learn how to use their computers all over again.

But whatever you do, don’t try to use Windoes 8 for the first time when if you’re drunk:

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