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Bing! Microsoft ex-employee tells his story of how Ballmer fired him

I have no doubt that with Ballmer’s retirement news, all sorts of new and old stories will surface (sorry, couldn’t help it) in the coming days. This is under the ‘new‘ category.

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The Xbox one is….? What do Bing and Google want you to think about the console?

Now will you look at that: if you look up “the xbox one is” on Google, here is what they will suggest for your search:

Xbox one is Google

Now if you head to Bing for the same search), here is what they come up with:

Xbox one Bing

Remember the whole search bubbles thing? Yeah…

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Microsoft Bing failure brings pedophilia in search results [Updated]

Gizmodo Brazil has the scoop on this one.

“On Jan 30th, Gabriel sent an email to secure@microsoft.com reporting the security breach. On the same day, a Microsoft emplyee called Nate thanked the warning and said the company would investigate. However, 15 days after receiving the information, the search still brings the same result.”

15 days and Microsoft hasn’t done anything to solve something like this. How knows now that the flaw is being exposed they might do something about it. The upside (for the lack of a better word) is that this might make it easier to track who actually provides the content.

UPDATE: Less than 24 hours after Gizmodo posted about the problem, Microsoft corrected the breach. How about a little more proactivity, Microsoft?

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