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Microsoft finally fixes Security Update bug that locked users out of their computers

Just now? They took 2 weeks to fix a bug that resulted in users ending up locked out of their own computers? What exactly was more urgent than that?

Via Gizmodo Brazil

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Security update for Windows 7 locked Brazilian users out of their own systems

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Security update for Windows 7 locked Brazilian users out of their own systems

Late last week, whoever decided to install Windows 7 security updates ended up getting locked out of their computers. After rebooting the computer, Windows just wouldn’t load, which led some users as far as to format their computers believing they had done something wrong. Others underwent a lot of trouble to regain access to their computers

The bug which for whatever reason only affected computers in Brazil made Microsoft remove the security update KB2823324 from the everlong Windows Security Update List. Later on Microsoft said the conflict happened when the security updated was “placed together with certain thrid-party softwares”. The company then said that users should uninstall the security update to avoid further problems.

Sure, conflict with third-party software. Very specific. Not to mention the fact that in order to use the computer, users had to remove a security update. That doesn’t make much sense to me.

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There it is! Someone already found a passcode lock bug on iOS 6.1.3 for iPhones 4

That was fast. iOS 6.1.3 came out yesterday, fixing two bugs that allowed anyone to access contacts and photos after juggling a little bit with the Emergency Call. And it seems that someone’s already found a way to do the same thing in iOS 6.1.3, althought this time it apparently only works with iPhones 4. And it’s a lot of work.

Some people just have way too much free time on their hands.

Via CultOfMac

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Another iOS 6.1 Lock Screen bug comes to light

MacRumors and several other websites reported this new juggling trick that proves to be a little more serious, as it allows data to be transferred from the iPhone via USB.

It still puzzles me how people manage to figure these things out, but the bug history of the Lock Screen/Emergency Call makes me wonder if it’s time for a deeper revision of the coding that goes in this part of the iOS. Patching these holes apparently is not the way to go here.

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When asked in English about languages, Siri replies in code

Cult of Mac brings the news that this is how Siri is currently answering inquiries regarding the languages she speaks:

Siri code (Cult of Mac)

What’s very likely is that this the result of someone’s slight screw up. Someone put a comma where they shoudln’t have, or something like that. But it’d be great if this was the result of new data being added to the base. Such as… i don’t know… the entire Portuguese language?

That’d make things more interesting for the currently uninspired upcoming iPhone 5 release down here. One can only dream.

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