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The Samsung Galaxy Gear ad seems a bit too familiar

Yesterday Samsung unveiled the first ad for their pointless Galaxy Gear.

I think that I’ve seen something like this before. Where was it? Oh, yes! Of course!

Since there was no hardware to copy, all they were left with was copying the campaign, right?

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Microsoft admits they went too far with their videos mocking the iPhone 5c and 5s. Really?

Microsoft Fail

Videos pissing on Apple and their products aren’t exactly new. When one doesn’t have something good to talk about themselves one just badmouths someone else. It’s not pretty, but it happens. A lot [1, 2, 3, 4]. But last week Microsoft managed to come up with something so shameful that they pulled it from the web almost immediately after a rare unanimous rejection.

Talking to CNET, the company said that their videos were meant to be “a lighthearted poke at our friens from Cupertino. But it was off the mark“. Oh, come on.

What I still don’t get is how something like this gets planned, recorded, produced, paid for, etc, etc, and only when it airs is that someone decides to be reasonable and pulls the plug on the whole thing. I wonder if the people who actually decide important things only see the work their company is doing when it’s already out.

I honestly think that they knew these videos were just terrible, but they bet on the chance that they wouldn’t be completely bashed even by who usually is friendly to the idea of taking a few punches at Apple. They were hoping to barely get away with it, just like they did with that Scroogled campaign.

Regarding this entire situation, John Gruber nailed it when he recalled what Steve Jobs once said about Microsoft:

“The only problem with Microsoft is they just have no taste. They have absolutely no taste.”

I respectfully disagree. This is not the only problem with Microsoft. But it’s one of their biggest ones. The other will be retiring within the next 11 months.

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Intention: a video that reaches the same level as the historical Think Different

The video Intention which opened Monday’s WWDC is stunning. I have watched it several times and it still makes me emotional, and still gives me the same chills I got when I fitst watched it during the live stream.

The soundtrack, the motion design, the sound design. Every single element is really simple, and yet completely necessary. To me, this video is at the same level as the historical Think Different.

Just as in 1997 that video was the debut of a new positioning and attitude by Apple, yesterday’s video (and the event that followed) indicated that this shift is about to happen once again.

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What the fuck is this, Microsoft? [Updated]

No, Microsoft. The Old Spice campaign isn’t exactly the best source of inspiration for your campaign trying to sell the key features of Windows 8.

I understand that when you don’t really have much to show to benefit your product you have to distract people a little to get your message across. Samsung has been doing this for years with their Galaxy ads. But this campaign looks like a journey through Steve Ballmer’s disturbed and incomprehensible mind. But hey, at least this time he didn’t work as spokesman as well.

Interesting to note that even in this campaign they actually showed the product.

Neowin reports that Microsoft has removed (or set as private) these videos from their YouTube channel. They speculate that maybe they were published before time by mistake. I speculate that the mistake was to make them at all.

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What’s the problem with Samsung and their campaigns?

In its recent advertising history, Samsung has adopted a strategy that bashes Apple instead of talking about its own products and qualities. In 30″ and 60″ movies, they’d spend at least 80% of the time showing how iPhone users are morons and in the remaining 20% they were able to cram up one or two benefits of their own stuff.

Then, they decided to change their focus and adopted a new line of campaign. First they released a video that featured mommy making some porn for daddy, followed by an almost exact same version bringing Mrs. Claus making some porn for Santa Claus. Yep, very classy. Both commercials brought exactly the same benefit (yes, singular) that had already been displayed in the prior campaign: the little magic trick that you rub phones together to exchange data.

Today Samsung unveiled another commercial. And it looks like they decided to step inside their comfort zone again. This time around, their main target is RIM, who’s just about to release BlackBerry 10. Samsung made sure that everyone notices how superior they are to this fierce and dangerous competitor.

During the movie, they throw a few punches at Apple, but surprisingly this is not their focus. That’s already an advance when compared with those commercials that showed iPhone users as brain-dead hipsters. Now they don’t bash them. They just bash everyone.

Infact, even Galaxy S3 and note II users take a few hits in the commercial, being portrayed as nerds and geeks who make un-funny jokes and are socially awkward. Hey, who said all advertising had to be deceitful?

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Best Buy working for Apple

What called my attention wasn’t the mere fact that Best buy created an ad following Apple’s aesthetics, but the fact that they decided that part of the Christmas advertising budget should go to an ad promoting almost the entire Apple product line and services. Siri, Face Time, iPhone, iPad, Macbook.. A retailer advertising FOR a company? I think it’s unlikely that we’ll see something like this for the Samsung Galaxy Tab or the Microsoft Surface.

Video via 9to5mac

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Apple releases 2 new iPad mini ads

iPad mini ads

The first iPad mini ad is excellent. Simple and cute, it makes Heart and Soul plays on a loop in your head all day long.

Today Apple began the campaign rollout, running two new ads on TV, and they just put it up on their website. The first one is called Photos, and shows in an interesting way, pictures that tell little stories through both devices. The second one is called Books, and I think it’s a little bit sillier. It shows books with opposing elements in the titles, like East/West, Sun/Moon, and so on.

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