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We are all Claro’s customer called Loser Cry Baby


Between yesterday and today, this has gotten quite a good amount of attention in the Brazilian press. Claro is a mobile/cable provider, and a client of theirs named César de Mederios called them to ask for a discount on his cable monthly fee. To his surprise, his next bill came under the name Loser Cry Baby instead of his actual name.

This is what you get when you outsource the customer support service. This contact point is extremely critical and important, precisely because it is activated only when there is a problem to begin with. I mean, nobody calls their service provider to say that everything is working fine, do they?

To outsource this sort of service is to ask for problems. On one side you have a frustrated client, and on the other you have someone who doesn’t really earn well, someone who historically doesn’t seem to care much about their own job, who spends the whole day having to deal with enraged customers, and finally someone who doesn’t care one little bit about the image of the company they are representing.

This wasn’t the first time something like this happened. A little over a year ago, a NET (Brazilian cable/ISP) customer had their name changed to something like Whore Nogueira, precisely after having had some sort of argument with someone from the outsourced customer support service.

It should be mandatory for a company to have to deal with their own customers. And they should have to prove that they have the necessary structure to do so in order to operate. And they should be forbidden from outsourcing this responsibility. As long as they keep seeing and treating the customer support as this annoying burden that can be avoided by outsourcing it, things like this are bound to keep happening. Too bad for all of us.

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