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Samsung Galaxy S3 explodes during the night

Vizion1208 posted his story on reddit. He said that (like many of us) he leaves his phone charging beside his bed while he sleeps, and that he woke up with the sound of his Galaxy S3 exploding.

“So, I woke up, and saw a ton of smoke coming out of my phone — it also smelled REALLY bad. Half asleep, I jumped out of bed and turned the light on, only to see that my phone was just beginning to go on fire. I dumped a glass of water I had in the room on it to stop it from burning…then woke up my brother to come help. The smoke smelled so bad and wafted through the entire second floor of my house. I had a foam mattress pillow top that had a hole burned through it too–which we later threw out because it was still burning throughout. Also, some of the plastic on my phone was melting and kind of shooting out of it, and some landed on my pinky finger and burned some skin off (very small burn though).”


He also posted a few images [1,2] of his finger, his phone and the battery.

He ends his post asking people if they think that he has enough grounds for a lawsuit. I’d say that he does. What I ask myself is if this will gain nearly as much attention as the similar episode with two iPhones in France got back in 2009.

Via Reddit

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