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Google on Google Reader’s deactivation: It’s the users’ fault

In an interview for Wired, Google’s Senior Director of News and Social Products, Richard Gringras, said that Google Reader died for the following reason:

“Users with smartphones and tablets are consuming news in bits and bites throughout the course of the day — replacing the old standard behaviors of news consumption over breakfast along with a leisurely read at the end of the day. (…) [Google is looking into] pervasive means to surface news across [Google’s] products to address each user’s interest with the right information at the right time via the most appropriate means.”

So he’s saying that Google Reader died because we stopped reading news in the morning and at night, and started reading them all throughout the day? What the hell part of that wasn’t Google Reader good for? Newspaper-in-the-morning-light-read-at-night died about 15 years ago, way before Google Reader ever existed. Actually, Google Reader helped changing this very habit.

I don’t think I know anybody who didn’t leave a Google Reader tab open all day long to ‘consume news in bits and bites throughout the day’. What the hell is RSS for, then?

The latter part of the text shows the true reason behind the killing of Google Reader. People just wouldn’t use the damn Google+ and their new shove-it-down-their-throats service Google Now if Google Reader was still around.

“Address each user’s interest with the right information at the right time via the most appropriate means?”. Absolutely not. I’ll chose what I want to read, when I want to read it, where I want to read it. Thank you very much.

Via Wired

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Google Now wins Innovation of the Year award from Popular Science

When presenting Google with the award, Popular Science threw a few punches at Siri, saying that the service seems outdated.

Let’s see if the whole ‘collaborative’ system installed after Scott Forstall’s canning will be enough to turn it around.

I wonder if Google Now already knows the answer to that.

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