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Separated at birth: Tim Cook and Ryan Stiles (Two and a Half Men)

Tim Cook / Ryan Stiles

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One Microsoft: Joy of Tech completely nailed it

I really like Joy of Tech. When they decide to be ironic, they are always just spot on. Today however they really killed it with their visual representation of Steve Ballmer’s email about a more efficient, concise and direct Microsoft.


Via AllThingsD

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Apple testing designs for the iTV (and the campaign)

AllThingsD brings a story that confirms that Apple has been indeed working on designs for it’s upcoming TV release. Meanwhile, BGR adds their information, saying that this is an informal project at the moment and it’s far from being released. Add to this Jean-Louis Gassée’s take on Monday Note, I’m more and more convinced of what I said here about the whole thing.

I, however, have a scoop on this. I’ve been able to get my hands on the first rough for the iTV’s feature on Apple’s website when it’s finally released:

mockup by Dan Draper Design for CultOfMac

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