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Another iOS 6.1 Lock Screen bug comes to light

MacRumors and several other websites reported this new juggling trick that proves to be a little more serious, as it allows data to be transferred from the iPhone via USB.

It still puzzles me how people manage to figure these things out, but the bug history of the Lock Screen/Emergency Call makes me wonder if it’s time for a deeper revision of the coding that goes in this part of the iOS. Patching these holes apparently is not the way to go here.

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Huge iPhone security flaw on iOS 6.1? No. It’s a bug.

So this week we found out that it’s possible to bypass the security lock code and access the contacts and images on your iPhone if you’re running iOS 6.1. It’s not the first time the Emergency Call screen is related to a password bypass method, as this had already happened with iOS 4.1.

Every tech blog reproduced this juicy bit of news. Each one in their own way, of course. BGR was emphatic saying that this is a “huge security vulnerability“. Huge? Honestly, a huge security vulnerability is having your Samsung Galaxy S III remotely wiped after you click on a link.

What happens with the iOS 6.1 is a bug, which won’t take long to be corrected, it’s not easy to reproduce (go ahead and try it. It’ll take a while for you to do it), and for any intents and purposes, the person will need to actually get a hold of your phone to do it. Once you misplace your phone, there are many tools (like Remote Wipe, Remote Lock, etc) you can use to try to fix the situation way before the person thinks about doing all this juggling so they can look at your sunset photos or learn the phone of your favorite cab service.

Of course that just when more and more important companies abandon the BlackBerry and adopt their iPhone as the default company smartphone, any way to access a protected information on a phone is reason to worry. But there is a big difference between a huge security vulnerability and what goes on with iOS 6.1.

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