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iOS 7 calendar reveals how the months will be organized from 2038 on [Updated]

If you’re into the habit of missing appointments, Apple might have solved your problem. Not right away though, but starting in 2038. That’s because according to the iOS 7 calendar app, the months of February, April and May will happen twice a year, making it a total of 15 months between January and December.

The month of October, however, will be removed from the calendar, which could point to a different schedule of iPad announcements.


The news is especially good for those who complain that February is too short, as the second February that comes right after the first one will have 31 days, even on leap years.

Taking a closer look, it’s also possible to see that Apple will please specifically their most lazy users, as months will be composed almost completely by Saturdays.

Semana 2038

There is no word as to changes in the Chinese and Jewish calendars, however within the next 25 years new information is expected to come up.

Tip by @Dandrive, via Blog Do iPhone Twitter

Update: The always well-informed Felipe Kellermann told me that this is a problem that affects every 32-bit Unix-based system. Contrary to what I originally thought, this is not a silly iOS 7 bug, but a rather bigger problem. Yikes.

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Limitless stupidity: Resellers are selling the iPhone 5 with iOS 7 beta installed

According to Cult of Mac, premium resellers in India and china are selling the iPhone 5 with the ‘bonus’ of having it come with the iOS 7 beta installed. If you already have an iPhone 5, all you have to do is go there and pay U$20 to put it on your phone.

I keep thinking about the amount of people who buy the Phone and actually know that this system is still being tested and changed. Poor developers, who are suffering double. First to get their apps to work properly on iOS 7, and second to have to endure all these people bitching that the app doesn’t work.

There are even reviews at the App Store complaining that this or that app are not compatible with iOS 7, which is beyond stupid. I think that Apple will have to change the beta distribution system soon. In the cat-and-mouse game, the mouse is winning as usual. The problem is, most mice don’t even know what the hell they are doing.

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When will iOS 7 come out? In about 100 days

This question will be asked countless days, every day, all around the world. Until Apple sets a date, any answer will be purely speculation. However, if you look at past years, you may find a few answers as to what lies ahead.

The chart below brings the number of days each iOS version took to be released, counting from the day they were previewed, starting on iPhone OS 2:

iOS days

iPhone OS 2.0 (127 days)
Preview: March 5th, 2008
Release: July 10th, 2008

iPhone OS 3.0 (92 days)
Preview: March 17th, 2009
Release: June 17th,  2009

iPhone OS 4.0/ iOS 4 (74 days)
Preview: April 8th, 2010
Release:  June 21st, 2010

iOS 5 (128 days)
Preview: June 6th, 2011
Release: October 12th, 2011 

iOS 6 (100 days)
Preview: June 11th, 2012
Release: Setember 19th, 2012

From preview to release, iOS users wait an average of 100 days until they can finally install the latest update on their iDevices. Coincidentally, that’s exactly how long iOS 6 took to be released. Let’s hope this year iOS 7 brings this average down, or that it arrives at the latest on September 18th.

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John Gruber on iOS 7: All the leaks are wrong

During his last Talk Show podcast wiJohn Moltz, John Gruber said that he heard from someone that “all the leaks [about iOS 7] are wrong”, and that what’s about to be unvelied will cause “polarizing reactions”.

What I found amusing was to think that if all the leaks are wrong, what does this say about this information?

Jokes aside, Gruber is one of the very few who are careful enough to only put information out there when he knows them to be true (or to tease and hint at it when he can’t really talk about it yet), which is something that I can’t really say for most tech sites out there.

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The 2013 WWDC app is a good tip as to what iOS 7 could bring

Today Apple released the 2013 WWDC app, which brings pretty much the survival guide for anybody attending the conference. It might have also brought a pretty good tip of how the iOS 7 could look like.

To set a good basis for comparison, here are the interfaces for the 2011 WWDC app (left) and 2012 WWDC app (right):

It’s worth mentioning that the latter comes from a CulOfMac post that called attention exactly to the difference between the two apps and how it could hint at how iOS 6 would look like.

Not every detail of the 2012 WWDC app translated into iOS 6, but it is pretty clear how it set the tone for it. The bottom bar remained dark, although it departed from pure black towards a grayer scale. It also abandoned the ever-present aqua effect from OS X, adopting a more modern way to illustrate volume.

Setting aside the annoying ‘flat / skeuomorphism‘ discussion as well as the endless (and often exaggerated) rumors and comparing the 3 apps, it’s not hard to see that there is an evolution there.

In fact, an evolution seems much more consistent than a complete overhaul. And it seems pretty impossible that iOS 7 will not follow the trend. I hope so. Because I liked the 2013 WWDC app. I guess we’ll find out next week.

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