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Bullshit prediction of the day: An iPhone 5S with fingerprint scanner [Updated]

Update from Sep 10th 2013: Clearly I was wrong. It did seem unlikely back when I wrote it, and I’m glad they did put the scanner there. My very first claim chowder. But the site is young. I’m pretty sure there will be others.

Apple Roadmap 2013

Several websites and blogs [123] posted today this roadmap, whoch foresees the launch of the iPhone 5S in either June or July, and that the device will feature a fingerprint scanner.

I would really like to know where these people get these ideas. When the iPhone 3GS was introduced, the design continued to be exactly as the design of the 3G, and the only new feature that wasn’t plain hardware was the capacity to capture video (which obviously only became possible due to such harware improvements).

When the 4S was released, it kept the iPhone 4 design, having yet again significant hardware improvements, which allowed Siri to exist.

In both cases, a significative hardware improvement allowed a software feature to be rolled out, and the design was kept exactly like its predecessor.

Today this prediction comes out, saying that the iPhone 5S will feature a fingerprint scanner, which is nothing but a guess based on last year’s purchase of Authentec by Apple. In fact, the iPhone 5S by itself is a guess, since there is absolutely nothing that may indicate that it’ll be released other than the weak deduction based on the fact that they released the 3GS and the 4S

To implement a fingerprint scanner, Apple would have to invariably change the internal design of the device, which is something that shouldn’t happen if they indeed release the 5S version.

The prophecy goes on to say that today’s iPhone 5 will infact be 2-year-old-rumored ‘cheaper, entry-level iPhone’, adopting a plastic casing instead of the current one. I can’t find a polite way of counter-argumenting, so I will just say that I disagree because of what I said in another article:

iOS6 runs as far back as the iPhone 3GS. It runs with way less features, for obvious reasons, but it’s there. And you know what? After the release of the iPhone 5, you can get an 8gb iPhone 4 for free. How’s that for entry-level price? If Apple is to invest on a cheaper iPhone that runs the current system, they’ll do that for the iPhone, not for a B version of the device just so it can cost less.

Since we’re talking nonsense rumors, here is one for you: How long until analysts start predicting a plastic-cased cheaper iPad?

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“iPhone 5 sales could be 5 million units below expectations.” Below whose expectations?

BGR brings the news that according to Christoper Caso (who?) from Susquehanna Financial Group (where?), the initial expectations from 40-45 million iPhone 5 units sold was pushed back to 35-40 million.

Analyst expectations? The only expectations that matter are the ones from Apple, and these ones nobody will ever know. But I’m sure they are way closer to reality than these random numbers guessed by so many ‘analysts’ across the planet that fill news sites across the globe.

Infact, I can’t remember the last time I read “Analysts get it just right and the iPhone sells exactly as predicted”. Says much more about these ‘analysts’ than about Apple sales figures.

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Shocking: Reports of iOS 6.0.2 update bringing battery issues

Some news you just know will come out.

Cult of Mac brings a story reporting how users appear to be having battery issues after updating their iPhones 5 and iPads mini to iOS 6.0.2, “even when the devices go unused for long periods of time.” Long periods of time? The update came out 2 days ago!

The story brings the information that if you look up “iOS 6.0.2 battery” on Twitter, you’ll see several people reporting problems. I did the same on Google for 6.0.1, 6.0, 5.1.1, 5.0.1 and 5.0 also found users reporting how their batteries are doing worse compared to the last update. On the other hand, I also found people saying that their batteries are better after these same updates.

Towards the end of the story, Killian Bell writes something that I think is fundamental to understanding these update/battery issues that keep coming up:

“Personally, I haven’t noticed this issue on either my iPhone 5 or my iPad mini, but to be honest, I haven’t been looking out for it.”


To be clear, I don’t deny that there may be a battery issue with iOS 6.0.2. Since I don’t have an iPhone 5 or iPad mini, so I can’t test it for myself. But it’s curious to see how every single iOS update brings the same problems, the same news, and how the problems seem to disappear as the news about them start to get less pageviews.

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We are the champions: Brazilian iPhone 5 is the world’s most expensive

According to a study made by MacWorld Brazil, the iPhone 5 sold here is the world’s most expensive, leading way ahead of Italy, which holds the second place. Here’s the list:

1- Brazil (U$1150)
2 – Italy (U$946)
3 – Portugal (U$908)
4 – Mexico (U$888)
5 – Germany (U$881)
6 – France (U$881)
7 – Austria (U$881)
8 – New Zealand (U$876)
9 – Spain (U$868)
10 – Luxemburg (U$861)
11 – United Kingdom (U$850)
12 – Australia (U$837)
13- Switzerland (U$782)
14- Canada (U$705)
15- USA (U$649)

I obviously wouldnt wish for the sales figures to flunk, but everything points that the success of the launch won’t really promote any pressure or need for the prices here to change any time soon.

What a shame.

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iPhone 5. I tried

After avoiding yesterday’s launch chaos, I decided to go to my carrier Vivo’s store and check out how much a 16gb iPhone 5 would cost me if I stayed on my data plan, used up all the fidelity credits I acummulated during 3 years and renewed my contract for another year: R$2500, or U$1200.

Maybe some other day.

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Lines begin to form ahead of iPhone 5 launch in Brazil

And so it begins. As predicted, following the unexcitement brought by the crazy prices announced by carrier TIM for the iPhone 5, lines are starting to form across the country a few hours before the official release.

Park Shopping, in Brasilia, has posted a picture on their Instagram showing the line starting to form in front of TIM.

As you can see, people are very excited. I’m pretty sure that everyone there is thinking “How the hell am I going to pay for this thing?”.

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Three days before the iPhone 5 is released in Brazil, things are pretty unexciting

This is turning out to be a pretty weird iPhone 5 release in Brazil. In other years, the week preceding the iPhone’s release is filled with news, rumors and poorly taken pictures of prices, plans and release events. Releases are pretty much like in the US, with huge lines all night long, big events in stores… you know, the whole thing.

However, this time around it feels like there will be no release at all. It’s as if the iPhone 5 had already been released long ago, and it’s not news anymore. Of course that on the night between thursday and friday there will be lines, events, happy people holding their iPhones like trophies. And I’m pretty convinced that the release will be a success, with those waiting lists filled with names eager to be lucky enough to be among the ones who’ll get their new iPhones with a new batch in the following days.

But merely 3 days ahead of all that, the mood is different. Nobody is talking about it. Nobody is asking about it. It’s a mix of distrust and dismay.

Carrier TIM is to blame for a big part of it. They released those insane prices a few days ago. Vivo, Brazil’s biggest carrier (well, at least the one with the most clients), tried to use this as an opportunity, but when they announced that the cheapest price would be R$1449 (U$698), we got to the conclusion that it’s inevitable that the iPhone 5 will be more expensive than the iPhone 4S, which will cause even the used phones market to hold on to higher price levels.

As a result, potential buyers for both new and used iPhones are having to go back to their budget spreadsheets to do some extra math, trying to figure out if they will be able to buy the Chirstmas gifts they had been planning for so long.

The reasons for that have already been explored. The main villain has been identified. It’s the exchange rate. It’s gone up 17% in the last year. Even Peter Oppenheimer, Apple’s FCO has blamed the exchange rate for the increase of Apple’s prices in Brazil, when asked about it via email by a brazilian called Victor Marques Soprana. But the fact is that since TIM released those crazy prices, all the anticipation gave way to this… numbness.

It’s a shame. Just as Apple and Brazil reach their tightest relationship, with iDevices being manufactured here, Apple Store just being announced, portuguese-speaking Siri on the brink of being released, here comes (or comes again, that is) the price factor, old acquaintance of Apple enthusiasts in Brazil.

There is still that naïve hope that once all the cards are on the table, once all carriers release all the prices for all the plans, we’ll have a pleasant surprise. But history shows that when it comes to carriers, the odds aren’t really on our side.

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Ho-ho-holy crap, the iPhone 5 prices in Brazil are insane

Blog do iPhone brings the news that mobile operator TIM has just released the information on iPhone 5 pricing in Brazil. TIM only sells contract-free, full-price phones. The 16gb version will cost R$2399 (U$1155), the 32gb will cost R$2699 (U$1299), and the 64gb will cost R$2999 (U$1444). They go on presale today. The iPhone 5 will be launched just a few days before Christmas, on Dec 14th in Brazil and over 50 countries.

The price of the iPhone in Brazil has always figured among the highest in the world, but this time it’s been taken to a whole new level. The information on TIM’s website indicates that the  price of the iPhone 4S will be maintained, so it looks like the iPhone 5’s entire line-up will be placed at an even higher price level.

That’s very disappointing news.

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Apple approving which carriers can provide LTE

Apple has put up on theri website a list with the carriers that have LTE available for the iPhone. These were the carriers that passed Apple’s performance test, and have under the company’s eyes the capacity to provide the service with satisfatory quality.

John Gruber nailed it:

“Apple Says ‘Jump’; Carriers Reply ‘How High?’”

This wasn’t the first time Apple would allow carriers to provide an iPhone-related service case by case. In Brazil it took a long (long, long, long) time for all carriers to be approved by Apple to have the Personal Hotspot available. When asked about it, they would say that this decision was depending on Apple, and that carriers were analyzed on a case-by-case matter.

Apple’s right on this one. If the thing doesn’t work, people won’t blame the carriers. They’ll blame Apple and de iPhone for it.

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Unlocked iPhone 5 in the US x what we have in Brazil

So yesterday Apple started selling the unlocked iPhone 5 in the US (well, at least officially). They cost the same as they used to when you bought them unlocked with Sprint or AT&T: starting at US$649, or R$1363.

Meanwhile in Brazil, an unlocked 8Gb iPhone 4 costs R$1399. Infact, carriers raised the prices in early November. Gotta say, I’m scared of the iPhone 5 prices when it finally arrives here.

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