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Is LG really entitled to mock Apple’s panorama feature?

LG released today an ad promoting their panorama feature for their upcoming Optimus G Pro. And what was the best way they found to do that? By poking Apple, of course! Now, my korean is a little rusty, but fortunately you don’t have to be fluent to understand what’s going on.

Hoje a LG lançou um comercial promovendo sua função de panorama. E qual foi a melhor maneira que eles encontraram de fazer isso? Ttirando sarro da função de panorama da Apple, claro! Apesar de não falar coreano (uhm.. certo?), dá pra entender bem o que rola.

For a little context, here’s Apple’s Panorama ad:

And now, here’s LG’s:

Well, discussing the method they chose to compare both features is pointless. It’s the Samsung school of promoting itself by comparison instead of merit.

The problem is… well.. do you know the feature they show in the ad? The Verge covered it a while ago when they reviewed the Nexus 4, which runs the same Android Jelly Bean that will infect the Optimus G Pro. Here’s the result

Verge Panorama 01

Verge Panorama 02

Now that they set such a high standard (afterall, outside of the advertising world, the iPhone’s panorama version works pretty well), let’s see if they’ll live up to it. You know, when they decide to actually launch the product.

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