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Google’s press release about ads in Google Maps has a huge typo

“Today we’re introducing an updated ad experience we think is more attractive for users and more effective for advertisers.”

There is a clear typo that Google missed in this press release. It says “users” where it clearly should have been “us“.

Via Google

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iOS6 Maps on the iPhone can kill you, according to aussie police

And there Scott Forstall was, thinking that getting fired was the worse thing the iOS6 maps could bring upon someone.


UPDATE: According to AllThingsD, the issue has been solved.

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iOS6 Maps fallout hits another one

Bloomberg says that Richard Williamson, iOS6 Maps manager, has been fired by Eddy Cue. Whoever defended that Maps would be a game changer had no idea how much they were right.

Via 9to5Mac

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Nokia joins the iOS Maps extravaganza

Nokia has just announced that Nokia Here will be arriving at devices other than the Windows Phone, namely iOS, Android and Mozilla OS. They said that the app should be released “soon”, pending Apple’s approval.

This thing about ‘pending Apple’s approval’ has also been used by Google when they were asked about when the Google Maps app would be available at the App Store. This is bullshit. The rules are simple: If you submit an app that goes against the provacy guidelines, it will not be approved.

And these companies know that, so they come out and say that they depend on Apple’s approval to try and put some kind of pressure on them.

Nokia Here will offer turn-by-turn navigation, public transportation info, offline navigation, POI integration and even an SDK.

When it comes to mapping, Google is still way ahead in the game. But the fight for a good mappind system is getting good. Lucky us.

Via: The Verge

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