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Microsoft pressuring Apple over in-app purchase comission

I’m not really sure of what Microsoft’s trying to accomplish here. What they think is their bargain power. They’re arriving on the iPad after years of delay, and the Office being absent in the App Store only matters to who really wants Office for the iPad. There are plenty of alternatives.

If Microsoft keeps up with this, it will only get worse for them. They have lost relevance in every single market they operate in, and seems that Office is the last pillar standing. Shouldn’t be long before people figure out that they don’t need it any more than they needed the rest of Microsoft’s stuff. And that’s a hard one to come back from.

Via AllThingsD

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The Verge spills the beans on Microsoft Office for iOS and Android

The Verge is a complicated source when it comes to accurante and unbiased information. In any case, they are saying that Microsoft Office for iOS Android will arrive in early 2013.

The story says that the free app will at first bring the ability to open documents, without the ability to edit them. In case the user wants to be able to edit, then he’ll have to subscribe to the Office 365 service.

Bottom line? Too little too late. It’s a late arrival and it adds nothing new. There are countless apps available that do the exact same thing.


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