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New iPhones and iPads next year. Wow. Really?

I’m not sure which is worse. Websites put this as a ‘rumor’ (1234), or the fact that they pretend that this is infact news. News would be if Apple didn’t intend to release an iPhone and iPad next year. Right?

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And so it begins: Chinese newspaper goes on about an iPhone 5S

And the season is open for rumors all over again. A chinese newspaper ran a story today saying that the iPhone 5S is supposed to begin a test production in december, to avoid a new surprise with mass production next year, like the iPhone 5 has been facing. The newspaper says that between 50.000 and 100.000 units will be produced.

I was wondering when the next round of rumours would start. But this must be some sort of a record. It doesn’t make any sense to shift the focus from the problematic iPhone 5 production just to make sure that the next model will run smoothly, if not even half the territories have the device for sale yet, and Foxconn has been having trouble to keep up to the demand.

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Next iPad mini generation will feature a Retina display. Shocking.

The only surprise here is how long it took for this rumor to show up.

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