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There is a huge Microsoft Surface at Trafalgar Square

Surface London

Microsoft UK came up with the clearest way to demonstrate how their hardware gets in the way instead of making people’s lives easier.

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Estimate: Microsoft has sold 1.7 million Surfaces since its launch

1.7 million? Really? It is honestly more than I would have guessed.

Via GeekWire

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Microsoft testing Outlook for Windows RT. Still?

So until today, Windows RT (meaning, Surface) comes without the company’s standard email client? It’s getting harder and harder to take them seriously.

Via The Verge

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Microsoft Surface accounts for whopping 0.13% of tablet web traffic

BGR brings the news that a company called Chitika released a report indicating that Microsoft’s Surface was responsible for crushing 0.13% of tablet web traffic in Canada and the US between November 12th and 18th.

Wow. That much?

Here’s the same news if it had been presented by Microsoft: “Microsoft Surface web traffic rises 1300% since the product’s release”.

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Microsoft will support Windows RT Surface for 4 years

BGR says that ‘Microsoft will support the Surface with Windows RT for four years until April 11th 2017’.

The bad news is that “will support” doesn’t really mean that 4 years from now the updated software will run smoothly in today’s Surface. The good news is that the users will never really know the difference.

Microsoft Sur…………….face.

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Oprah and Microsoft Surface. Money well spent.

You have a new product called Microsoft Surface, and decide that part of the advertising budget will go to celebrities seeding good things about it. Afterall, you are going to fight with the iPad, and you need all the help you can get. The more people talk it up, the better it will be.

Then you hire Oprah, and tell her “Post something positive on Twitter about the Microsoft Surface”. And that’s exactly what she does. She opens her Twitter, posts that she’s loooving the Surface, and that she’s already bought twelve units to give away as Christmas gifts. Oh, yes. She posts, naturally, from her iPad.

Oprah Surface

Money well-spent.

Via: Zagg

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Microsft Surface TouchCover presenting problems. Serious ones.

Microsoft Surface

When Microsoft announced the Surface, their decision to adopt a cover that doubled as a keyboard was pretty well-received by the market. Even people who love to make fun of Microsoft thought it was a pretty good idea.

Without a release date or price, everybody focussed exactly on the Surface differentials. Then they put out the price. Then they released the product. And so… the biggest differential is presenting a serious condition.

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iPad ad X Surface ad

I just hate this dubstep trend in tech advertising. And it looks completely ridiculous when compared with something refined and well-made. It’s the basic difference between who is comfortable and secure about their speech, compared with who just screams as loud as they can to try to sound convincing.

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